Sustainable flower delivery in Australia: Melbourne’s Bush

Sustainable flower delivery in Australia: Melbourne’s Bush

How exactly is Melbourne florist Bush striving for sustainability? At what cost is their environmental friendliness achieved? In this blog post, we will explore the answers to these questions and examine how Bush Flower has made remarkable advances towards becoming a more eco-friendly business.

Let us start by asking this question: Where do most flowers come from? Usually, florists acquire their blooms from a wholesale flower market. However, at Bush, we source most of our flowers directly from our own Banksia farm or through trusted local growers - allowing us to supply unique and special flower varieties that can't be found anywhere else.

The next topic we should discuss is, Why are supermarket flowers so cheap? Supermarket flowers are often inexpensive due to their bulk purchasing, quick assembling, and lack of attention to detail. Rather than quality being the priority, it's all about producing a large quantity in a limited time frame, which leads to an indefinite lifespan for your blooms. These flowers are also generally imported or grown in high-scale greenhouses filled with pesticides and chemicals.

On the other hand, Bush Flowers do our best only to use natural methods when producing our native blooms while giving each flower extra love and care - ensuring they reach their full potential. This is done without compromising quality or the environment, as Bush Flowersimplements sustainable practices in as many aspects of our production possible.

How do florists keep flowers fresh?

Many florists store flowers inside a refrigerator or cool room to maintain their freshest state. However, because their natural environment tends to be warmer, this technique won't always work with native varieties. In Australia, it's usually perfectly suitable to keep these blooms at an average indoor temperature in your home and still experience optimal results. The life of the flowers varies depending on their variety, and we ensure that their stems are adequately hydrated by regularly replenishing them with water.

Let's explore a few myths or maybe a flower hack to help keep your flowers looking fresh!

Does vinegar make flowers last longer?

We suggest changing the water regularly to ensure that your flowers look vibrant and last longer. Additionally, cutting stems will help to prolong their life span. That being said, every flower is different, so take some time to experiment with what works best for you! While adding something else in the water might be tempting as a quick fix, it's not something we recommend, as it could do more harm than good. So stick with fresh, clean water – nothing else - and watch your bouquets bloom!

Does putting sugar in water make flowers last longer?

Are these tips just another myth? It depends on the type of flour you use. In some cases, what is recommended may be nothing more than an old wives' tale with no scientific proof to back it up. However, regarding sugar, we do not recommend that as an additive - instead, a freshwater rinse should suffice for best results.

Does baking soda make flowers last longer?

Here at Bush, we usually follow a different practice. Adding baking soda to the water likely won't make much of an impact on Australian native plants. Fewer people worldwide are utilising and testing this technique, so we still stick with fresh water as our go-to recommendation. Nevertheless, if you're feeling adventurous, why not try some ground experiments?

So what do florists spray on flowers to keep them fresh?

At Bush, we choose not to use any kind of unnecessary chemicals on our flowers. The environment your flowers are kept in, and the care you take by cutting their stems and changing out the water every few days is the best way to keep your flowers looking fresh. There are a number of sprays that florists might use to keep flowers fresh, but these tend to come with many strong health warnings, so here at Bush, we just avoid using them altogether!

Are you aware of home remedies that can help keep flowers fresh longer? Just changing the water regularly, cutting the stems and avoiding direct sunlight should do the trick.We don't have other specific recommendations for extending flower life - those are our top tips!

Do you put hairspray before or after drying flowers?

If you want to keep your dried flowers together, hairspray is the way to go! Not only can it be used on fresh-cut blooms after they've been arranged, but it's also an excellent option for preserving dry arrangements. Simply spray lightly over the bouquet before or as you are drying them, and enjoy knowing that any delicate petals will stay put. So whether you like arranging with freshly cut stems from your garden or perfectly preserved ones from years past, remember this simple trick of adding a light mist of hairspray.

Those were a few common flower hacks; we hope they help you keep your flowers fresh and last longer! Now let's discuss Why native flower delivery is sustainable and helps the environment? 

If you are looking for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly flower delivery service, opting for locally grown native flowers is your best bet. By choosing local blooms that have travelled fewer miles rather than importing overseas, you reduce the carbon footprint of their journey to your doorstep while also supporting growers who cultivate less common species.

Not only are native species beneficial for their own sake, but they also help to foster a healthy ecosystem. More flowers and bees in the environment make it much better for nature overall.

Bush Flowers is a local Melbourne-based florist that offers sustainably sourced flowers for delivery in the area. We strive to source our blooms from ethical suppliers and promote using natural materials without compromising quality or style.

After three years of committed research, we are thrilled to present our newest book release – the ultimate guide for all floristry-related Australian natives. Inside you'll find comprehensive advice from experts on how to grow, cut and dry flowers precisely - allowing beginners or seasoned hobbyists alike to create exquisite arrangments within their homes! So don't wait any longer; grab your copy today!

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