What Makes Top-Rated Flower Delivery in Melbourne, Australia?

What Makes Top-Rated Flower Delivery in Melbourne, Australia?

If you are wondering what the best-rated online florist would look like, the answer is Bush Flowers Melbourne! Melbourne has some of the most experienced and professional florists in Australia who are dedicated to delivering high-quality blooms with exceptional customer service.

When it comes to acquiring native flowers, however, Bush Flowers Melbourne is undoubtedly the cream of the crop. Not only does Bush Flowers Melbourne specialise in native blooms, but they also know about local climate conditions and soil types that best suit Australian flora varieties.

Top rated reviews

Bush is the top-rated online florist in Melbourne, and with good reason! We are proud to receive glowing reviews from satisfied customers who tell us why they were thrilled with their purchase. Our attention to detail has resulted in countless positive feedbacks that we cherish and strive for each day.

Customers are delighted with our services because the blooms they receive online match what was promised! Many of our positive reviews come from brides and those who have made huge orders with us. Plus, we're the only florist specialising in native flowers - so if you need beautiful Australian flora for your special event or occasion, look no further than us!

How do I choose an online florist?

Let's review some things to be mindful of when selecting an online florist. The first thing you should do is determine if the website has a physical store or not. It's essential to be aware that many websites created by large companies may appear local, but in reality, they aren't. Suppose you don't take precautions and select one of these sites. In that case, your order might be completely different than expected due to outsourcing, without proper instruction on what exactly needed to be created. When it comes to prices, be mindful that if something appears too good to be true, it probably is. That's why when selecting flowers or any other item, we recommend ensuring the items aren't overly inexpensive and don't need to travel far distances.

Moving forwards, our next point of discussion is whether it is better to purchase flowers online or in-store. Ultimately, it boils down to preference. Ordering online is substantially more reliable due to its digital form; your specifications and details will be accurately accounted for with no room for human error. That being said, purchasing in person allows buyers to inspect the store's selection and make their own selections without worrying about any potential mistakes during order fulfilment.

What are the disadvantages of online flower delivery?

When ordering bouquets online, one potential drawback is that they can arrive wilted or withered. However, at Bush Flowers, we wet-wrap all of our products sufficiently before delivery, guaranteeing that each order arrives overflowing with freshness and life! We always ensure there's enough water present on the flowers so as not to disturb their delicate petals during transportation. 

Another possible problem is when florists opt for low-cost couriers who need to provide more hydration as they may take a very long time to transport the flowers. To guarantee freshness, we always deliver locally within approximately three or four hours of being collected by our courier on the same day. However, If you're a Melbourne local and looking to save on flower delivery, think about picking up your flowers directly from our warehouse or our Carlton North Store!! In that case, it may be more beneficial to pay for a courier service instead of opting for a cheaper alternative - this way; you can guarantee timely and quality deliveries.

Have you ever wondered if real flowers are more cost-effective than faux? That largely depends on the quality of the fake blossoms, yet most look artificial. It's relatively challenging to locate a decent-quality artificial flower, and typically, fresh blooms are valued for their beauty. So there is no point in buying synthetic varieties that lack natural beauty.

The most Luxurious

When discussing stunning florals, the most luxurious flower we carry at our shop is Waratahs. They boast a dramatic colour and larger size, making them stand out from other blooms in addition to their limited availability during certain months of the year - making them undeniably unique!

Which flowers smell the best?

Boronia is undeniably the most fragrant native flower. Its delightful, almost fruity scent makes it a popular choice for perfumes! Even when not in season, its light and airy aroma continues to captivate all who experience it. If you have that great nose, Boronia is one of the greatest delights you may ever experience! Statistically speaking, only around 75% of people can detect this remarkable scent; if you fall into that fortunate group, rest assured your olfactory sense will be tantalised beyond belief.

What are the rarest flowers in Australia, and which ones can you get at Bush?

Australia is home to numerous rare and endangered flowers, the most sought-after being the Queen of Sheba orchid. This exotic bloom solely exists in the wilds of southwestern Western Australia - making it one of nature's greatest marvels.

Yet, some of the most exquisite blooms we receive are hybrid flowers. Specifically, we obtain a rare Blue Kangaroo Paw hybrid created by  Kings Park in Western Australia. Additionally, we acquire a few unique varieties that are the product of crossing verticordias with other species. These specimens are truly extraordinary and quite rare. Moreover, we also occasionally have a few uncommon tea trees that thrive only in some very specific regions.

What is new at Bush this week?

Introducing our latest publication, the ultimate guide for all floristry-related Australian natives. Inside you'll find expert advice on growing, cutting, drying and arranging native flowers- enabling newcomers and experienced enthusiasts alike to cultivate their blooms at home! This book has been three years in the making; it's finally here!

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