Same-day flower delivery: Melbourne, Australia’s Bush

Same-day flower delivery: Melbourne, Australia’s Bush

Same-day flower delivery is a convenient way to send flowers quickly and easily with no hassle. This blog will discuss same-day flower delivery services and how they work. We understand that sometimes you need a gift delivered on the same day, so we have compiled this guide to help you find the best flower delivery service for your needs.

Is there any same-day flower delivery available at Bush Flowers?

If you need a same-day delivery, place your order before 8 am on our website to ensure that it arrives in time. However, if you can't make the deadline and still urgently require flowers today, call us promptly before 11 am - as we may have further courier delivery slots available! We always strive to provide excellent service and will do our best to help where possible.

Generally, our delivery window is between 10 am and 6 pm. We include a two-hour cushion within this time frame, for super-busy days 

Is there a time frame in which you should order flowers for someone? Should the delivery be made the day before? The answer is yes; it pays to schedule your flower delivery ahead of time.

Order your flowers well in advance - a few days before for the best results. This way, you can be sure to find someone who can deliver them on the required date! We recommend at least one day prior, but the earlier you plan, the easier it will be. For timely and accurate delivery, we suggest having the flowers shipped on the day they are to be gifted.  If you want extra assurance that your order will arrive when it should, you could have them delivered one day before needed, however we would encourage you to add a vase in this instance, as our wet packs will only keep the flowers hydrated for a few hours. We recommend this course of action to ensure the freshness and timeliness of your flower gift!

How much lead time does a florist need to source flowers?

At Bush, ordering flowers has never been easier or quicker! There's no need to worry unless you need a considerable quantity for a wedding or something specific. We have plenty of gorgeous native flowers right here and ready whenever you are. So don't wait - place your order with us at Bush today and get the best nature can provide!  Because we also own a Banksia farm near Melbourne, we can have a much shorter lead time than other florists when it comes to sourcing the several varieties of flowers and banksias we grow ourselves. Most others need to place an order or go to the wholesale markets in the morning, which usually requires at least a couple of days. With us, you can rest assured that all your flower needs will be handled with minimal hassle!

Why Is it better to order from a local florist?

We highly recommend ordering from a local florist over an expansive company that is far away or sends flowers from long distances. It's preferable to place the order personally as you will benefit from better service. Additionally, investing in a local provider can have substantial and beneficial ramifications for your local community. Need flowers delivered at a precise time? Contact us via email or phone, and we’ll provide an accurate quote from our courier company. Or, for events and occasions requiring assistance with the set up of your flowers on site, we can have a florist deliver your arrangements for an extra fee.

At Bush Flowers, we regularly receive fresh deliveries of flowers. Our expert florists take great care to ensure that your blooms arrive in top condition - they only stay with us for a few days as they are all sourced from within Australia. You can trust that our stunning bouquets will bring joy and beauty into your home by providing consistently high-quality products and quick delivery times!

Will flowers last 6 hours?

If you're anxious about the time it will take for your flowers to arrive and how long they'll last upon reaching their recipient, rest assured. Our wet packs allow them to remain in good condition while travelling - typically for a few hours - so that when they arrive, all that's needed is some fresh water! Native flowers are generally quite resilient, too, so there's usually no need to rush into transferring them from the pack until after a few hours have passed.

Can flowers last 2 hours without water?

For native flowers, two hours will usually be okay. However, it is still recommended that you cut the bottom of stems - at least one or two centimetres - before placing them into fresh water; this will help remove any parts of the stems that have sealed over with air contact and ensure they have plenty of access to hydration. Delicate native flowers like flannel may require special attention; without water, they will typically not last long. This type of flower is softer than other native species like banksias; therefore, it's best to get them in freshwater as soon as possible.

In especially scorching conditions, it is advisable to introduce your natives into a full vase of water as soon as possible. Though some suggest sticking them in the fridge, we usually advise against refrigeration instead of placing flowers in fresh water. In short, this is because native flowers don't need to be placed in the refrigerator unless it is a highly scorching day and your particular flower species is fragile.

While you may have heard of the purported benefit of adding aspirin to water for flowers, this is also something we do not recommend. Instead, fresh and clean water is all that is required to keep your blooms vibrant over time. We suggest changing the water regularly and using nothing else to get maximum longevity out of them - now that's an actual life hack!

Discover the beauty of Australia's native flowers with Bush Flowers' all-new book! With stunning photography and detailed information, you'll learn how to utilise these beautiful blooms in your home decor and tips on growing and cultivating them. So don't wait any longer - explore and enjoy the vibrant colours of Australian natives today!

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