Luxury Flower delivery Melbourne

Luxury Flower delivery Melbourne

When it comes to events, luxury is the name of the game. Whether you're hosting a wedding, an awards ceremony or even just a dinner party with friends and family, having luxurious touches can make any event truly special. And what better way to add that touch of elegance than with beautiful flowers? Let's take a closer look at how you can add luxury to your next event with Bush!

Bush is a Boutique florist!

With an extensive portfolio of luxury events that includes art galleries and prestigious jewellery stores, our team at Bush's Flower Delivery understands what it takes to make an event truly special. We take tremendous pride in our detailed approach when bringing each luxury event to life with beautiful floral arrangements that make the venue come alive. Whether it’s for a one-of-a-kind opening night or a stunning wedding reception, you can always count on our dedicated personnel to bring the kind of vibrant ambience only available from the best in the business - boutique flower delivery services like ours!

For small orders our courier drivers will take care of dropping off your order at the venue, making sure that everything arrives fresh and in perfect condition.

For larger orders and bigger events, we offer a personalised delivery service. One of our experienced staff members will be on hand to help with the setup and bump-in.


What exactly is a bump in? When a few of our team members will come to the venue, they can do things like place the table decorations or even construct an installation on site - these are known as bump-ins.


To ensure a seamless delivery of your orders, be sure to send us an email prior regarding any bump-in requests. Additionally, it's always beneficial to ask for guidance beforehand - we're more than happy to provide you with a free quote tailored specifically for your event!


Once you reach out to us for a quote, our team will provide the necessary information and generate an accurate estimate. Following your approval of that quote, we'll send over an invoice - it's really quite simple!

Our event manager is available for a one-hour consultation over the phone or in-store to discuss your upcoming event and any additional needs you may have.

Luxury vs Affordable flower delivery

When it comes to flower delivery, luxury has its undeniable perks. You can be sure that the arrangements are thoughtfully crafted by someone dedicated to making you the best bouquet possible and you can rest easy knowing the quality of your blooms is top-notch. Plus, if you’re feeling extra fancy - you can usually customise luxury bouquets to your liking! However, if budget is a consideration, affordable flower delivery might just be the way to go. Sure, the flowers may not look as glamorous or feel as special as premium blooms tend to do, but as long as you’re willing to forgo customization and superior quality you won’t break the bank.

When ordering a cheap bouquet, you can't be certain of its quality since the flowers could have been sitting around for days. Additionally, there is no personal touch to mass-produced items; it's more like "one size fits all" with each bouquet looking the same as any other.


On Bush's website, we only offer one arrangement which is the Bush bouquet. However, our beautiful bouquet of seasonal flowers will be unique to whichever time of the year you order it! We can guarantee that every arrangement is special. From bright and bold colours to carefully selected florals, our Bush bouquet promises to be nothing short of amazing! And if you'd like a more personalised experience, make sure you add a note with any requests. We'll do our best to fulfil your vision and make sure your floral arrangement is as unique and beautiful as the person or occasion it's intended for.


When you order online, selecting the perfect size for your bouquet is made easy! Simply pick the bush bouquet and then choose a larger size if desired. If looking to acquire something even bigger than what's already offered, we'd be happy to arrange it - simply email us or give us a call!


We all love a good plant or two in our homes, so occasionally when we come across something extra special - we can't help but share! Mulla Mulla, Wax Flower, and Baroni are all showstopper plants that we sometimes deliver online. They don't just look great - they grow well in gardens too! But because they might not be as commonly available as others, you'll only find them online at our shop.


At our flower store, we know that dried flowers make an impact and can help add a certain aesthetic to any space. However, we don't do dried flowers as such; what we provide are bush-like native flowers that dry well if you desire a longer-lasting bouquet. But in order to keep the freshness of your beloved blooms for longer, we always deliver them fresh! Sure, you could dry them by taking them out of the water and hanging them upside down.

Banksias have an unrivalled ability to dry out and still maintain their beauty, so long as the stems are free of mould. For Bankias you don't need to hang upside down. Time is essential here; once moulds begin to form on the flowers themselves your time for preserving them has passed. With proper timing though, you can take natives like Banksia from water and watch within a few days as they become dried decorations for any room in your house!


Mulla Mulla is a light purple flower that will retain its colour, even after some fading. If you plan to dry straw flour, then make sure to pick off all of the leaves from the stem first; however, these blossoms can still be dried just by hanging them upside down!

Sympathy flowers

If you're looking for sympathy flowers, we strongly suggest getting a bush bouquet and adding a note that conveys your sentiments. Feel free to request whites, greens and muted colours if you want the arrangement to be more subdued.


Many customers will specify their loved one's favourite local flowers and we do our best to include them in the arrangement, provided they are available. Otherwise, when clients request something unique for the bouquet, we go above and beyond to make it extra special with a few special touches.


At Bush Flowers Melbourne we provide luxury flower delivery services around Melbourne so your event will be as stunningly gorgeous as possible! With our wide selection of top-quality blooms and experienced florists on hand to help you create something truly unique, we are proud to offer some of the best floral arrangements in town. Contact us for a quote or order online.

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