Flower Delivery with Melbourne Australia's Bush!

Flower Delivery with Melbourne Australia's Bush!

Are you looking for a reliable flower delivery service that can bring you beautiful and unique blooms from independent growers around the country? Bush is Melbourne's premier native flower delivery provider! With their commitment to quality, diversity, and sustainability at the heart of their business model, Bush is sure to provide you with an amazing experience every time. Getting your hands on some of nature's finest art pieces could be as easy as clicking a few buttons. On Bush's website, you can choose from a selection of rare and unique seasonal blooms, as well as gift baskets and arrangements that are sure to make someone's day. Bush's native flower delivery is impeccably fresh, it's also ethically sourced. In this blog, we take a look at how Bush's flower delivery works and what makes us a unique company in Melbourne!

A Reliable Flower delivery

When you trust us with your flower delivery, you can be sure that it will promptly arrive. To guarantee this, all orders are instantly processed on our website once they're placed. You have the freedom to select a date of delivery any day from the next available option- just use the calendar provided in checkout and we'll take care of everything else!

On the day you place your order, your bouquet will be made and arranged with the freshest blooms available. Once it's finished, a third-party courier will collect it and deliver it to you. As soon as your package is in its possession, we'll send an email containing a tracking link for effortless monitoring of its progress through transit. You or the recipient can also track delivery via text message with one easy click! The tracking system updates the driver's last known location, ensuring that you know when your flowers will be arriving.

Moreover, we can include any instructions or notes you may have regarding the driver's delivery. This way, they will be fully informed on things like where flowers should be left if no one is available to receive them - or if that cannot take place anywhere at all.

Let's talk about why Bush is a reliable flower delivery service in Melbourne. Unlike other traditional flower shops that can take hundreds of orders a day and overburden their teams with deliveries to keep up with demand, we stick to only taking on a few select orders each day. This allows us to monitor every order more closely and make sure all flowers are delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our courier's dedicated driver diligently handles our flowers with great care, so we can rest assured that they are in good hands! We hire the same courier drivers that we know and trust so that you can be certain of the quality and reliability of your flower delivery.

Furthermore, to guarantee their freshness during the delivery process, all of our floral arrangements always come surrounded by a generous amount of water. We take extra precautions to make sure your blooms don't suffer any damage while en route.

We are also proud to show that our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just our flower delivery. At our company, we believe in showing respect for the environment. That is why all of our flowers are sourced from local sources and all of our packaging materials are made from recycled products that were manufactured right here in Australia.

Bush's Bouquets and Gifts

Order an extra special gift to accompany your flowers for a truly personalised touch. We offer everything from colouring books about native flowers, chocolates, bubble baths and more - so you can find the perfect item to make their present all the merrier! Whether it's a birthday celebration or simply to show appreciation, our selection of gifts will help ensure that your gesture is one they won't forget anytime soon. If a loved one is feeling under the weather, why not brighten their day with an exquisite bouquet of flowers and perhaps even draw them a luxurious bubble bath? This simple gesture is sure to grant them some comfort and restore their spirits.

Our chocolates are from Melbourne Bushfood, a unique local company. Crafted from native ingredients, this range of chocolates offers something for everyone - including delicious vegan options! Indulge in the delectable taste and feel good about supporting an ethical producer with each bite.

If you're concerned that your order of chocolates will melt in transit, fear not! We've taken extra precautions to guarantee that our chocolate stays in the best condition until it reaches you. Not a single customer has reported melted chocolates from us - so you can rest assured knowing your order won't be compromised. Too worried? Then why not substitute some bath products or something more resilient like tea instead? That way, there'll be no mess on delivery!

Tea is a really popular option. A little container of tea with special flavours can really help relax the recipient and calm their senses.

Why not explore the amazing variety of chocolate flavours we have to offer? To name just one: Salted Macadamia Caramel Chocolate! This delight is a combination of crunchy pieces and smooth caramel-flavoured chocolate. Trust us, it's absolutely delicious!

If you're looking for something indulgent and vegan, then our dark chocolate with Davidson plum is the way to go. Not only that, but we also have a unique flavour of dark chocolate paired with lemon myrtle – its floral notes are sure to delight your taste buds!

To tantalise your taste buds, we offer delightful milk chocolate with wattle seeds. We also have a delectable pretzel and dark chocolate combination featuring wattle seed too - the perfect treat for any occasion!

The benefits of getting native flowers delivered instead of other flowers

Choosing native flowers for your special occasions is a more sustainable and eco-friendly option since they are grown in the environment local to you. Here in Australia, we take pride in only utilising locally grown native flowers, which gives us an edge. These blossoms are already accustomed to the climate and can withstand extreme weather changes better than imported varieties. In addition, native flowers are longer lasting than imported flowers, meaning that recipients can enjoy them for longer. Because of this, native flowers are not only a great way to show your appreciation, but also a great way to respect and honour the environment!

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