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order flannel flowers online
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Flannel Flowers


People often think of Australian Native flowers as being quite tough and robust but some are actually very delicate and soft like these rare Flannel Flowers. Originally native to the Sydney region these ones are locally grown.

They are an absolute florist favourite and need to be seen in person to fully appreciate their loveliness! Beautiful, delicate, white blooms that perfectly any occasion. We wait all year for these beauties so get in quick as there are only limited numbers!

All bunches are sent gift wrapped.

**PLEASE NOTE FLANNEL FLOWERS ARE A SMALL DELICATE BLOOM. THEIR SMALL SIZE IS PART OF THEIR APPEAL. Pictured is a large bundle fresh from the grower and a single bunch. 

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Please note - Flowers sent may not be the exact variety pictured - our florists will choose the loveliest in store. We buy small batches of flowers from smaller scale growers. This allows us to bring you the rarest and most interesting blooms whilst helping support commercial production of sustainable Australian Native flowers.