Best Flower Delivery For Melbourne People Who Love Native Flowers!

Best Flower Delivery For Melbourne People Who Love Native Flowers!

When it comes to buying flowers in Melbourne, why not choose something unique and natural? At Bush, we source most of our fresh native blooms straight from local growers across Victoria. Our selection of top-notch, locally grown Australian natives is the perfect way to show your love and appreciation without breaking the bank! In this blog, we will discuss why people love Australian native blooms!

Why should you choose native flowers over regular ones? Not only do they last longer, but these blooms are tailored to the local climate. There's an added feeling of uniqueness that comes with them; plus, you can be sure that your gift will have a smaller environmental impact than most other floral arrangements!

You might be wondering; Are our floral arrangements better suited for more mature people like my parents, or can anyone enjoy them? We have a wide range of customers from many different age groups that all share a common appreciation for native flowers. Our products are perfect to send to anyone and everyone! You will be surprised to know the number of people who prefer native blooms over regular ones.

If you reside in Metro Melbourne, take advantage of our speedy and cost-effective delivery services. Our special delivery prices will remain the same regardless of whether your destination is Carlton North or Coburg North. However, if you're a little further away from us, then be prepared to pay slightly more as we use third-party couriers who charge depending on the distance travelled - but rest assured that these fees are nominal and only cover the courier's costs; there are no additional charges incurred by you!

Let's take a look at a few amazing flowers native to Australia that Bush offers in the right season.


Australia is home to many wonderful native flowers, Banksia is a popular choice among many. These flowers come in shades of yellow, orange, red and even pink! Banksia is truly an unforgettable gift! It comes in a variety of colours and some are even more special than others.

Whether you're searching for a unique and meaningful gift or simply want to make someone feel extra special, these long-lasting flowers are a perfect choice! Not only do they remain fresh longer than other blooms, but their vibrant colours also dry beautifully. It's no wonder why they've become one of our most beloved products.


Waratahs are stunning and highly sought-after flowers known for their brilliance of hues. During the short season when these beauties become available, they fly off the shelves due to their limited availability! While most people associate Waratahs with red petals, we offer unique varieties such as pink or white which makes them even more special. With its splendid colours combined with a fleeting shelf life; it's not hard to see why Waratah is an absolute favourite among flower enthusiasts.


Bottlebrushes are much more versatile than one might think - they come in an incredible spectrum of colours and sizes! From large blossoms to smaller petals, these beauties can add a rich texture and vibrant colour that will truly transform any outdoor space. And don't forget about the delightful range of shades available – from bright pinks to deep reds. Bottlebrushes have it all!

Flowering Gum

Our beautiful, delicate flowering gum is one of our most sought-after flowers. Although not always available year-round, we do have several varieties that vary depending on the season. At this time specifically, you can find lovely reds and pinks; while other times of the year will bring out soft whites, yellows and oranges! Adding a unique texture to any arrangement they accentuate in magnificence - truly a sight to behold!


Wattle, similar to the flowering gum, is a beautiful native flower that blooms in cycles. Generally found as yellow petals radiating from fluffy foliage, wattle also comes in other vibrant colours such as red with a sweet and subtle fragrance. Not only does this bright addition bring extra colour and texture to your bouquets; its unique scent will add an extra layer of beauty too!

Flannel Flower

Flannel is a stunningly soft flower native to Australia - usually white or cream-coloured with a yellow centre. Its cuddly texture inspired its name, and it's an incredibly popular bloom due to its captivating appeal. Although they are only in season for about two months of the year (normally towards September), people purchase them in abundance when available!

Wax Flower

All throughout the year, we have access to wax flower in a variety of special varieties such as pink, purple and white. However, accessing it isn't always easy so we are only able to obtain certain types occasionally.

Banksias are undoubtedly our most popular flowers. With a wide assortment of species, you'll be sure to find one that speaks to your heart! Although many customers request waratahs as well, we unfortunately can't always have those on hand due to their shorter seasonal availability.

Next, the most popular blooms of Australia would be its beloved flowering gum and wattle. The Boronia flower is a beautiful addition to any garden as it has a delightful perfume scent that not everyone can smell - only around 75% can detect its delicate fragrance! If you have been lucky enough to experience it, then you know how gorgeous this special bloom truly is.

Does Bush offer same-day flower delivery?

At different times of the day, we may be able to offer same-day delivery depending on our courier's availability. If you give us a call before placing your order, we'd be more than happy to check and let you know if immediate service is possible - it never hurts to ask!

If the date you desire is not listed on our website, don't panic! Place your order before 8:00 AM and we’ll take care of it. If you find yourself running out of time, give us a call – there's usually room to edit in an extra order if necessary. Our courier run ensures no problem is too big for us to handle! Our courier makes the collection at 12:00 PM every day, meaning that any orders placed afterwards cannot be dispatched.

At Bush, we provide Melbourne locals with the best flower delivery services for native blooms! Our passion and dedication to ensuring the best quality of flowers is what sets us apart from other online florists. Order online here.

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