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Forget Red Roses and Banksias en masse instead.  

Australia's version of the rose is a stunning beauty whose 173 different species flower at different times of the year. At Bush we have the largest range of Banksias in Melbourne. 

Many varieties dry incredibly well making them a long lasting, sculptural and impactful gift. Let our florists select the loveliest variety for your special person.

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Please note - Banksias sent may not be the same as pictured - our florists will choose the loveliest Banksias in store. Please leave us a note if you have a specific request for colour or variety and we will do our best to provide if they are in season and available.

We buy small batches of flowers from smaller scale growers. This allows us to bring you the rarest and most interesting blooms whilst helping support commercial production of sustainable Australian Native flowers. 

Pictured is Banksia speciosa.