Chocolate and flower delivery Melbourne

Chocolate and flower delivery Melbourne

There are many perfect combos, peanut butter and jelly! Vegemite and cheese! but chocolate and flowers could be the ultimate combo! Whether you're celebrating an anniversary or birthday, or just want to surprise your loved one with something special, chocolate and flowers are a surefire way to put a smile on their face! Not only will they be surprised by your gesture of kindness, but they'll also receive chocolate and flowers delivered right to their doorstep. You can even choose a different type of chocolate or flower arrangement each time, so your loved one will never have the same surprise twice!


At Bush, we proudly offer a variety of chocolates from Melbourne BushFood. This local company uses native plants and flowers to create unique flavours for their delectable treats. Our selection includes milk chocolate, Wattleseed crunch, salted macadamia caramel chocolate, Davidson plum dark chocolate and lemon myrtle dark chocolate - all crafted in Australia!


If you've been thinking about sending a bouquet combined with delicious chocolates or other gifts, then great news! You won't be incurring an extra delivery fee. Regardless of what you choose to send, the delivery cost will be the same. That's right - you can get creative and customise your order however you'd like without having to worry about additional charges for sending different items.

Whether you order bouquets or not, you still can get chocolates or other products delivered at the same rate.


At Bush, we don't sell hampers. What are hampers actually? They are collections of gifts usually put in a box or basket. For our chocolates and other gift items, we use recycled kraft paper gift bags with tissue to keep them safe - plus a dainty ribbon for charm! To ensure the flowers reach your recipient in the best condition possible, the bag is shipped alongside these blooms.


Are you debating whether or not to buy chocolates along with flowers? If so, here's why it would be a wise decision: Chocolate and flowers make the ultimate gift combination – perfect for any special occasion. If you really want to give someone a nice surprise, why not surprise them with both? Chocolate is great to show someone you care but adding those beautiful blooms will show just how much thought you put into the gift. You won't be disappointed when they light up and thank you because of your thoughtful gesture. Next time you're looking for an extra-special present - think chocolate and flowers, and watch the joy it brings!

Bush's Bouquet and Chocolate arrangement

If you're looking for the perfect combination of chocolates and flowers, we've got just the thing for you! Our bush bouquet is an ideal suggestion to accompany your choice of delectable chocolate. A small bouquet, bursting with vibrant colours, creates a beautiful scene and pairs amazingly with one, or even two, flavours of chocolates.


Our chocolate products come in a plastic-free bag, using only tissue paper and ribbon to provide the ultimate protection and decoration. Whether you order one piece or ten, it will look great and taste even better! Plus, Melbourne Bushfood chocolates come in compostable packaging, so you can be sure that no plastic waste will end up in our oceans or environment.


If you're looking for the perfect gift to make someone smile, the unbeatable bouquets and gifts from Bush are one of the best choices out there! Forget about searching through endless aisles in stores trying to find a perfect present – simply head online and explore the incredible range. Here's an easy way to make your purchase: First order a bouquet of beautiful flowers, then round that off with a delicious chocolate bar, followed by something special like a luxury bath product or book. You'll have something amazing ready to go in no time at all!

Here are some ideas for flower and gift delivery at Bush Melbourne:

For birthdays, people often buy a couple of bath products in addition to other gifts that. Such presents may consist of books like colouring books or similar items.

Let's discuss our incredible bath products from 'Yaye,' an indigenous-owned company in Australia. They use native ingredients to create their luxurious bubble baths and soothing bath salts that offer a one-of-a-kind experience like no other.


If your recipient doesn't have a bath, our amazing body butter is the perfect alternative. It helps to lock in moisture and leaves your skin looking nourished and feeling healthy. We also offer a fabulous body scrub to exfoliate the skin, deep-cleaning while its light consistency makes it easy to use. Both of these products are made using natural ingredients. Indulge your senses with Yaye's soothing and luxurious body butter, available in three tantalising scents: Ochre, Dreaming and Summer. Yaye products are ethically sourced, 100% Australian-made, vegan-friendly and packaged using recyclable materials - making them a truly sustainable choice! - so you can trust that your skin is only receiving the best!

What to consider before ordering with Bush?

When planning a chocolate and flower delivery in Melbourne, it is essential to take certain factors into account before placing an order with Bush. Be sure to consider the dietary restrictions of the recipient – vegan chocolate is available but check that they are able to consume this type. Additionally, pay attention to weather conditions; if temperatures reach extreme highs or you know that the gift may be left unattended on their doorstep, opting for another item might be wiser.


To ensure the freshness of our products, we always use air-conditioned vehicles when transporting them from our warehouse and store. Consequently, temperature concerns regarding chocolate milk during transit are usually not a problem; however, proper delivery may be hindered if customers are absent at their destination.


Check out our range of gifts and order online today. Thank you for reading!

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