Bush Melbourne: Australian Native Flower Delivery Experts

Bush Melbourne: Australian Native Flower Delivery Experts

How Bush Flowers became the premier destination for Australian Native Flowers and Plants?

Bush Flowers has a rich origin story, stretching back to 2019 when Michael Pavlou founded it. With 20 years of experience in the industry under his belt, he decided to pursue his passion for Australian native flowers by starting Bush Flowers and its accompanying farm located in Northern Victoria.

For the last eleven years, our sister store Azalea Flowers has been selling blooms at South Melbourne Market. Michael had an inspired idea to create a florist that specialises in locally sourced native flowers, while still maintaining the traditional feel of our store. Thus, he was able to craft something unique and beloved by customers!

As specialists in the flower industry, we often get asked inquiries about common topics. In this blog post, let's explore some of these questions and examine their answers!

Why should we support native flowers in the area?

Cultivating flowers for commercial use is a far more sustainable and eco-friendly approach than purchasing them from large retailers. It also encourages people to grow unusual flowers rather than relying on common varieties, thereby sustaining plant populations in the long run.

Thus, it’s ideal to support those responsible for sourcing their products. You may think you are getting a good deal on flowers, but in reality, what you're doing could be damaging the environment. 

Is it illegal to pick flowers from a park in Melbourne, Australia?

Absolutely! In Melbourne, Australia it is illegal to pick flowers from a park. The main reason behind this rule is that flower species are grown and placed in these areas for ecological diversity purposes; picking them would be detrimental to their environment. It's best not to take any of these flowers away as they serve an important purpose in sustaining the ecosystem.

Is buying fresh flowers worth it? How about growing them in your garden?

Buying fresh flowers is surely worth it. If you're searching for a way to inject some life and beauty into your home, nothing quite compares – it's truly special! Moreover, when you know that they are ethically sourced from sustainable businesses, the value of those blooms rises exponentially. There's simply no better feeling than having lush fresh flowers adorning your interior space!

Absolutely!  our selection of plants is growing rapidly. If you're looking for a particular native flower, feel free to drop us an email and see if it's something we can source for you. The price would depend on whether or not it's feasible and how difficult the acquisition process may be.

What is Australia's national flower?

Australia's national flower is the glorious golden wattle, a beautiful yellow bloom. When it's in season - typically between August and September - Make sure you don't miss out on this breathtaking sight as winter turns into spring.

During particular seasons, we also have the honour of offering Mount Morgan Wattle. We also sell Zig zag and Cootamundra varieties for those seeking unique foliage or vibrant blooms. Additionally, a rare Red Wattle, Acacia Leprosa, is available with its distinctive fragrance and eye-catching hue that stands out in any landscape. Don't miss your chance to experience this special wattle!

We are one of the few florists that sell these flowers in season, and occasionally we have specialty wattle varieties available as well. As soon as they become accessible to us, we immediately put them out for sale.

What is Victoria's state flower?

Victoria's state flower is the breathtaking Common Heath or Epacris impressa which produces star-shaped blooms of pink and white for much of the year. This delicate native flower is so lovely, we usually offer it in season from late spring through early summer!

Do Australia import fresh flowers and is it sustainable?

Despite the abundance of imported fresh flowers in Australia, there are no country-of-origin requirements for them. As a result, roses and orchids come from overseas sources - one of the many reasons why this process is not always advantageous.

However, this causes issues with sustainability as they've had to travel a long way. You might think you're getting something fresh and lovely, but the truth is it's been in transit for quite some time.

When you purchase from Bush, it's certain that your flowers were locally grown in and are native to Australia. It may seem peculiar for Kangaroo Paws to be imported from abroad because they flourish in the Australian climate - moreover, they are fresher when cultivated here but unfortunately many people prioritise affordability over freshness; however, buying locally supports our economy while giving you a superior product!

How do I send flowers to someone in another state? How do you send flowers to someone from another state?

Unfortunately, we don't ship flowers to every state. However, if you are intent on sending flowers out of state but still appreciate quality and ethical sourcing as much as we do here at Bush Florist then fear not! We know a few other florists that share similar values so let us recommend another florist who might be able to facilitate your needs safely and reliably.

Can you buy flowers for someone in a different country?

For optimal quality and freshness, it is best to purchase flowers from a nearby florist. Although some services offer Australian varieties through import, these are not always guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Thus, we highly recommend buying seasonal flowers that are locally sourced in order to ensure premium bouquets with long-lasting beauty.

Last word

At Bush, we don't ship our flowers out of Melbourne — so you're guaranteed an entirely unique flower arrangement that can only be found here. It's really quite special! I hope this was helpful in answering some common questions about our flowers and our services. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or would like some more information.

Thanks for supporting Australian native flora,

The Bush Florist Team.

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